Here I will be posting information about my original characters.Feel free to look around.

Name Gender Age Likes Dislikes About
Mike Gray Male 20 Dogs, Fantasy , Poetry Tea, Dishonesty, Rollerskating Mike is a risk taker who sticks firmly to his convictions. He is brave and can stare down any adversary. However, Mike also struggles with his self image and is wary of building close friendships or relationships. He is also not good at communicating his point of view and feelings, which leads to misunderstandings and heated situations.

Name Gender Age Likes Dislikes About
Carol Smith Female 20 Cross-stitching, Journaling, Collecting odd trinkets Hierarchies, Sea food, Rock music Carol is good at maintaining facades and plausabile deniability. She is a people pleaser to her core and believes that making others happy is the key to a good life. But this mentality has taken a toll on her mental health over the years and she can no longer distinguish between her true self and the personality she shows others.
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