What is NetMonster?

From the original website:
"NetMonsters are cute, digital creatures that make their home within webpages across the Internet. Nobody really knows where they came from, but we do know that at one time, all of them were kept within the White Mask NetMonster Rift. That was, until the evil NetMonster mage Shade helped them escape! Now they're everywhere... As a monster hunter, your job is to travel the Internet capturing NetMonsters. However, you can only capture NMs from webpages with a NetMonster button on them. That button means that the website's owner has placed a trap on the webpage. If there are red eyes in the cage, a NetMonster has managed to get trapped inside! From there, all you have to do is "Grab 'Em!" Sounds easy, eh? So in short, NetMonster is a game of Internet monster collecting. But it's like nothing you've ever played before! Don't miss out!"

Although the original website is long gone, it can still be found via archive.org. . Urls to use within NetMonster can also (still) be found via google - this tripod page is a good place to start whether you're playing for the first time or if you've defeated Shade ten times over. If you are having technical problems, check out this website as well

How do I use Urls in NetMonster?

Simply click on "Capture" in the main menu, copy and paste your url of choice and click on "Let's go!". If the url is https instead of http, change it to http since NetMonster doesn't recognise https urls.
You can also generate more NetMonster rifts by typing random characters at the end of a url. For example, you can turn www.example.com/index into www.example.com/index123 and a new NetMonster will be loaded for you. However, keep in mind that the game considers this cheating as you're not "allowed" to have duplicate urls.

Where can I download NetMonster and other files?

I have an old copy of Netmonster. How do I transfer my progress onto a new computer?

When I figure that out, I'll update this section.